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Save money and time with maintenance Agreement

Access helpdesks technical support and get free up-to-date software versions

Ensure your daily operations so that Vertex works as expected and any problems are solved as quickly as possible.
Take the benefit of the latest features by using the latest software versions containing the most up-to-date functionality and bug fixes.

With the maintenance agreement you will get the new software versions and service packs with no charge. With updates you will also get instructions to utilize the new features. You can also influence to future development, as we listen to and take into account your development ideas.

You have access to the support website where you can also download the new versions.
We also give you free, personalized and professional advice via telephone or e-mail.

Technical support

We help your daily operations with our software.

Technical support is available for customers with a valid maintenance agreement. Read below on the benefits of the maintenence agreement.

Find your solution at our support site, send a support request or mail/call the support team in Vertex office with whom you have made the maintenance agreement. We solve your problem as quickly as possible and you can continue your daily operations.

Direct link to our support site is sent by email to customers with a valid maintenance agreement.

Technical Support contacts:
tel. +358-3-313 41 300

Please use the support request form on the right to send a support request to Vertex G4 Technical Support. Please send any attachments separately by e-mail to

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Software version is found in G4Plant with command: File - This software version
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