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What are the risks of using cracked Vertex software?


It is illegal.

Installing unlicensed software breaks the law on copyright protection. Everything you download can be tracked, and we have flags inside our software so we know whether your application is licensed or not. This exposes you to different kinds of liability.


It won’t upgrade.

If you can’t update the software, you will soon find you are lagging behind your competitors, and it might lack the latest security updates.


You don’t get any support.

Our technical support resolves your questions quickly and you can focus on working without delays. If there is a problem with a cracked software, you won’t have anyone to contact.


Software viruses.

Software that appears to be genuine, and is actually malware designed to infect your machine is very common exposing your device and personal data, and even put your credit card information to risk.


Trial versions are available.

If you want to avoid any risks and problems, use official Vertex products. You are welcome to try out our free trial versions.


License check.

If you would like to double check if you are using a genuine Vertex software, we’d be happy to check your license status for you. Just contact your local Vertex office.


Report software piracy

Help us fight software piracy. Send us a report of any unauthorized use of Vertex software. Your report is confidential.

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