Smart Solutions for Eliminating Construction Errors

Mistakes in construction happen, and they can get costly — fast.

If you want to stay on budget, you have to stay on schedule. But with so many moving parts and inevitable changes along the way, it can be difficult not to veer off track with both your time and your expenses.

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  • November 2018
  • Pekka Moilanen

Fortunately, no matter the scope of your project, most construction errors can be avoided if you have the proper resources in place. A solid plan and design, a capable team to execute, and, ideally, a smart system to keep everyone on the same page from start to finish, can keep your project on track. 

Communication Challenges in Construction

One of the main problems that often leads to errors during construction is miscommunication. Small issues can quickly transform into big delays because of poor communication between parties. Let’s look at some of the most common communication problems and how they can have a significant effect on your construction projects.

1. Information Gaps

It takes a large team of people to complete a construction project, and they all have different levels of experience and knowledge of the types of work being done. From proper installation methods to safety requirements or changes in code requirements, making assumptions or lack of knowledge during decision making can lead to costly mistakes.

2. Improper Documentation

Communication issues also arise due to errors or information missing from drawings, documents, and orders. This can happen when not everyone involved has the latest update to a rendering or design plan, or if all the information about the project isn’t easily accessible or properly documented.

3. Confusion Around Roles and Responsibilities

Although it may seem like the job responsibilities of contractors, managers, and designers is clearly understood by everyone, the issue of who should deal with specific problems at different stages of construction can be a bit muddy. Simple issues, like how change orders should be communicated and who should document deliveries of materials, to higher-level problems, like who is the main point of contact for subcontractors, may not be discussed upfront or passed on to everyone. This can lead to confusion and, most likely, mistakes at the job site.

The Software Solution

There are steps you can take to ensure communications problems, like these and others, won’t delay or derail your construction project. First, consider working with automated design software.

Not just a design technology, BIM (Building Information Modeling) software like Vertex BD provides more than just plans and renderings. Instead, it offers a complete process and platform for creating, managing, and storing architectural, structural, and manufacturing information all in one place.

When you work with this type of program, you can effectively communicate and collaborate with your team in a way that simplifies the complicated process of design and construction. BIM software uses digital automation to seamlessly translate information across all disciplines within the project — all architectural 2D plans and 3D models can be created with Vertex BD or imported into Vertex BD from virtually any design software. This organizes your construction documents so every member of the project is working off the same set of materials. This feature not only saves you time on detailing and construction, but also streamlines communication between parties.

The capabilities of this type of technology are invaluable for construction project managers and teams. Using the program keeps everyone on the same page and provides a means to find the information they need, update documented information, and be able to effectively communicate with people involved at different levels throughout the project.

Remember: Communication needs to happen early, and it needs to happen often. Just as you set your budget long before you start building, defining the parameters and expectations for communication is key — and should be addressed for every stage of your project, from design to final construction. Automated design software can help get you started.

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