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Vertex BD is the leading wood and timber framing software for prefab, modular, residential and commercial construction. Architects, drafters, engineers and construction professionals use Vertex BD to streamline their entire building process, from detailing to manufacturing.

​The Vertex BD BIM software is specifically designed for commercial and residential wood frames; prefabricated wall, floor, ceiling and roof panels; and modular construction.

Increase Speed & Accuracy Onsite

Vertex BD technology automates the process of creating panel fabrication drawings in seconds, thanks to the software’s defined framing rules. This allows manufacturers to plan ahead and build more components offsite, increasing efficiency and keeping costs down during construction.

Vertex BD automates the process of generating wall, floor, ceiling and roof panel fabrication drawings, structural layouts, cut lists, material reports and manufacturing data, all from one BIM model.

Adapt Easily to Any Project


Vertex BD is the most customizable framing software on the market, featuring material libraries, framing details, and rules — all of which can be modified to work with each unique project.​

  • Software can utilize any manufacturers’ products; not restricted to specific material manufacturers
  • Custom and proprietary material shapes can be added to the system to further modify any building project

Eliminate Manufacturing Errors


Vertex BD streamlines both the detailing and construction processes.

  • The Vertex BD software creates material reports and automatically exports data directly to the manufacturing equipment. This skips the step of manual input, minimizing errors and saving production time.
  • Architectural 2D plans and 3D models can be imported into Vertex BD from virtually any architectural software, streamlining the framing process and saving drafting time.



Vertex BD allows you to complete tasks effectively, accurately, quickly, and on budget, giving you more bandwidth to take on bigger, more complex projects.


How Does It Work?

This video covers the process of generating timber framing, panel fabrication drawings, cutting lists and a material report.

The Best in Customer Support


At Vertex, we provide first-class service to our customers worldwide. Support teams at our international locations are there to answer your questions and make sure you and your staff are getting the most out of our BD software.

Personalized service — plus online access to dozens of tutorial videos, how-to articles, and other educational resources — means we’re here to help keep your project on track.


“If we have a question, they are very helpful. If they don’t have an answer, they go to work on it. It’s been a good relationship.”

Michael Ward


What People Are Saying

“Vertex software enables us to deliver a project from design to build in a simple, time efficient and most cost effective way.”

James Mason

The Timber Frame Company

“Details of complex projects can be mastered better, which reduces failures and unnecessary expenses to the minimum. Designing with 3D software enables us to work more efficiently and respond to our clients’ needs.”

Willem Haase

Webo Joinery

“Vertex BD is an excellent program to make very accurate prefabricated wooden elements: you know that everything will fit on the building site even before you start producing.”

Machiels Building Solutions

Wood / Timber Framing 3D Model BIM

Discover Vertex BD: Your Ultimate Timber Framing Software


Vertex BD is the leading timber framing software for prefab, modular, residential, and commercial construction. It streamlines the building process from detailing to manufacturing, serving architects, drafters, engineers, and construction professionals. Designed for wood frames, prefabricated panels, and modular construction, Vertex BD enhances productivity and precision with robust BIM capabilities.

Key features include generating detailed fabrication drawings, structural layouts, cut lists, and material reports. These ensure meticulous planning and execution, eliminating errors, reducing waste, and keeping projects on schedule and within budget. The software’s advanced automation significantly cuts down time and effort compared to traditional methods.

Vertex BD also offers extensive customization options, adapting to unique project requirements. Users can modify material libraries, framing details, and rules to suit specific needs, ensuring flexibility and efficiency. This adaptability makes Vertex BD indispensable for enhancing speed, accuracy, and efficiency in timber framing projects, supporting various construction types.

Boost Onsite Speed & Accuracy

Vertex BD timber frame design software enhances onsite speed and accuracy by automating panel fabrication drawings in seconds with predefined framing rules. This technology allows for effective planning and offsite construction, boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

The software generates wall, floor, ceiling, and roof panel drawings, along with structural layouts, cut lists, material reports, and manufacturing data, all integrated into a single BIM model. This comprehensive coordination minimizes errors and streamlines workflows.

By eliminating manual input and reducing human error, Vertex BD ensures accurate component fitting and high-quality standards. This leads to faster project completion, fewer onsite adjustments, and a more efficient construction process, improving project management and outcomes.

Timber Frame Layout drawing

Adapt to Any Project with Ease


Vertex BD is the most customizable house framing software, offering flexibility for any project. It features extensive material libraries, framing rules, and customization options, allowing users to tailor the software for residential, modular, or commercial construction.

With the ability to use products from any manufacturer, Vertex BD ensures no material restrictions. It also supports custom material shapes for specific project needs.

These features ensure precise specifications, streamline construction, and maintain high quality. Construction professionals can rely on Vertex BD for various house framing projects, making it essential for modern construction.

Ensure Precision & Efficiency


 Vertex BD, the leading timber framing software, streamlines both the detailing and construction processes, ensuring precision and efficiency. By automating critical tasks, Vertex BD reduces errors from manual input. The software generates detailed material reports and exports data directly to manufacturing equipment, eliminating manual data entry and saving significant production time.

Vertex BD’s ability to import architectural 2D plans and 3D models from virtually any architectural software ensures seamless integration. This alignment with original designs reduces transition time from design to construction and maintains design accuracy and integrity.

Additionally, Vertex BD generates accurate wall, floor, ceiling, and roof panel drawings, along with structural layouts, cut lists, material reports, and manufacturing data, all from a single BIM model. This comprehensive approach ensures meticulous coordination, eliminates discrepancies, and completes projects accurately and on schedule, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency from design to manufacturing.

Timber framing 3D BIM model
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