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Faster collaboration, better results

Upload your Vertex 3D models to a secure, cloud-based file sharing platform. Collaborate and communicate with clients, partners and manufacturing teams and stay up to date with design changes.

View on any device

Share Vertex CAD models and allow quick access to your 3D models and CAD data using modern cloud technology. Improve your workflow by reviewing designs, and communicating with your clients and teams.

Stay up to date with design changes

View, rotate, zoom and clip 3D models, search CAD data, and comment designs. Access models with mobile phones, tablets, pc’s and VR headsets.

“With the Vertex Showroom, you can simply log on to the web and see every model your company has ever designed. All of our foremen have tablets, so when they’re in the field they can pull up the model and see exactly how everything is going to fit together and interact. A huge benefit that minimizes mistakes and extra costs.”

Andy Sage

President, Sage Building Components

Ready to try VR?

With Vertex Showroom you can explore products before they’re manufactured and avoid expensive mistakes. Virtual Reality (VR) gives you a more accurate idea of what is being created than any computer screen or print out can offer.

Start collaborating with your customers, partners and manufacturing teams today.

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