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Vertex BD is an advanced home building design software using Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology for residential construction. Vertex BD uses digital automation to streamline entire building process, from architectural design to manufacturing.

​The Vertex BD software is specifically designed for prefabricated home building, production home building, custom home building, kit home building and modular home building projects. Vertex BD is available for wood and cold-formed steel construction.

Increase Speed & Accuracy Onsite


The Building Information Model (BIM) in Vertex BD is your single source for everything in your design and construction process. Vertex BD uses real building elements to model your designs in every detail, exactly as it will be built. The Building Information Model is the source of all information including drawings, material estimates, framing details – even sales tools.


Click the image to view, rotate and zoom the 3D model in Vertex Showroom.

One Software Program, From Start to Finish


Vertex BD keeps things simple by handling every part of your project, including presales, architectural design, framing, production, delivery, sales and marketing. By working with one easy-to-use platform, everything is streamlined for both the design and construction team and the client. This creates new opportunities for after-sales services, a wider range of projects and more effective help and support for customers down the road.

Eliminate Manufacturing Errors

Vertex BD streamlines both drafting and construction processes. The Vertex BD software creates material reports and automatically exports data directly to the manufacturing equipment. This skips the step of manual input, minimizing errors and saving production time.



Vertex BD allows you to complete tasks effectively, accurately, quickly, and on budget, resulting in more satisfied clients, more referrals and, ultimately, more business.

The Best in Customer Support


At Vertex, we provide first-class service to our customers worldwide. Support teams at our international locations are there to answer your questions and make sure you and your staff are getting the most out of our BD software.

Personalized service — plus online access to dozens of tutorial videos, how-to articles, and other educational resources — means we’re here to help keep your project on track.


“The customer service is really good. They’re very quick to respond, which keeps us productive and on schedule.”

Bill Wilde

Excel Engineering

What People Are Saying

“We appreciate the development resources, wide knowledge of the industrialized house building branch, and a comprehensive solution from the first drafts to the data sent to our production and ERP system.”

Joachim Svedin


“New detailers at SSHF learned to use Vertex and produce plans in half the time it took with the previous programs.”


Brett McDonaugh

Stoddart Steel House Frames

“Vertex BD allows Logan Homes to isolate options for pricing, initiate and manage 165 different options, and maintain hundreds of plans. This has drastically reduced the time needed to produce quality sets of plans.”

Casey Thompson

Logan Homes

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