Brisbane-based Australian Institute of Advanced Studies to offer Vertex BD training as part of their engineering curriculum

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  • November 2019
  • Australia

During the spring, the Australian Institute of Advanced Studies (AUS-IAS) and Vertex Australia have trialled a Vertex BD course for students enrolled in the Advanced Diploma of Engineering. Ten students have been learning to use Vertex BD software in house design and steel framing. The goal is to be proficient in Vertex and to have the skills to work in the field of drafting and design when the course ends in December.

The director of AUS-IAS Noel Higginbotham says most of the leading companies in steel frame industry are using the Vertex Systems software and there is a demand from companies for trained engineers with exposure to the Steel Framing Industry Standard software. This made Vertex a logical choice of partner.

“Vertex training significantly enhances the opportunities for our students to gain employment in this industry once they finish their Advanced Diploma of Engineering,” Mr Higginbotham says.

“Our international students also gain by having an Australian qualification which includes training in Vertex software.ย  They can return to their home countries with skills that will be in demand in Steel framing. This makes our students very marketable throughout the South East Asian Region and the world as this technology spreads to other countries.”

The course has been trialled over the past months with great success. Mr Higginbotham says students have been pleased with Vertex BD’s user-friendliness.

“So far the students are impressed with the software and its ease of use to create three dimensional models of houses.ย  Students are finding Vertex intuitive with recognisable commands and features.”

As the trial approaches its end, AUS-IAS have announced to make the course a permanent component of their Advanced Diploma of Engineering from 2020 onward. In the final semester, students will use Vertex BD to design a structure and its steel framing. Managing the project from start to finish will add up to 100 hours of training on Vertex.

For those who are interested in a career in engineering, AUS-IAS offers the Advanced Diploma of Engineering at their Mount Gravatt campus.ย  Potential students can enroll or contact AUS-IAS online at For more information visit, email or phone +61 7 3343 8073.

For more information about Vertex BD software and different training options in Australia, contact the Vertex Australia team at, or call +61 7 3286 5845.

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