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How to Save Time and Money with Prefab Construction

Learn about the growing benefits of prefab — and how this construction method can affect your bottom line.

You’ll Learn

  • The impact of prefab on the international construction industry
  • Time- and money-saving benefits of prefab
  • How 3 companies are maximizing efficiency by pairing prefab and BIM
  • Takeaway tips for implementing prefab to grow your business

E-Book Table of Contents

  • Why Prefab?
  • Prefab Construction: The Basics
  • Types of Prefab Construction
  • 3 Big-Picture Advantages of Prefab Construction
  • How Prefab Affects the Bottom Line for Your Build
  • Case Study: Streamlined Design
  • Case Study: Reduced Labor Force
  • Case Study: Increased Efficiency on the Job Site
  • The Future of Prefab Construction
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