Free Vertex BD Viewer

A Collaboration Tool for Sharing 2D Drawing Sets and 3D Models


Free Vertex BD Viewer is an easy-to-use every-man’s tool. It is the ideal tool for change requests, comments and markings of drawings. Vertex Viewer can open drawings for viewing and do redlining for drawings made with Vertex, as well as DXF and DWG files.

With Vertex BD Viewer you can add text, lines and symbols to drawings. You can write text either directly in the drawing or in the yellow note pads to hide longer texts. The entries can be emphasized by a color fill. You can also insert standard symbols into drawings from the Symbol Library. You can hide and unhide markings from the drawings if necessary.

Sending a Project from Vertex BD:

It is easiest to deliver projects as zip or vxz files, which can be imported into the Viewer.

-Vertex BD has the “Send Projects by Email” function available from the main toolbar. This function lets the user specify which projects to send, and it will automatically compress and attach them to an email.


-Select “Export Projects to VXZ Files” from the File -> Project Archive menu, select the projects to export, then select a location for the compressed files.

Importing Projects into Vertex Viewer:
-Select “Import Projects from VXZ/ZIP Files” from the File -> Project Archive menu, then select the projects to import.

Opening Projects in Vertex Viewer:
-Select “Open Project” from the File menu, then select the project to open. Once the project is opened, you can access all the drawings and models associated with the open project via the Document Browser.

Opening Individual Drawings and Models in Vertex Viewer:
-Select “Open File” from the File menu, then select the file to open.

Download Free Vertex BD Viewer installer from links below:

Latest version: Vertex BD Viewer 64-bit 2022 v. 28.0.00 (2021-10-28)

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