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Building Information Model - The Single Source of Information

The Building Information Model (BIM) in Vertex BD is your single source for everything in your design and construction process. Vertex BD uses real building elements to model your designs in every detail, exactly as it will be built. The Building Information Model is the source of all information including drawings, material estimates, framing details - even sales tools. Vertex BD offers even more ways to make the most of your design.

Vertex BD automates processes and manufacturers are saving an enormous amount of time in drafting, material reporting, data entry, manufacturing, and correcting all the errors typically made along the way.

With the all-new IFC file conversion tool, architectural 3D-models can be imported into Vertex BD from almost any architectural software. The IFC conversion tool streamlines the overall architectural to framing process by converting IFC 3D model geometry into native Vertex BD 3D objects, and skips the trace-over and re-modeling phases in the process.

The produced design drawings and other data produced as well as their changes are transferred immediately to production floor. The solution enables up-to-date  management of the erection phase documentation .



Sales and marketing

Charm your customers with rendered marketing images

Vertex visualization tools provide high quality, photo-realistic renderings for sales and marketing purposes.



3D PDF Models

Enable an entirely new way of publishing and sharing 3D models with the all new 3D pdf converter. The PDF model can be viewed using the same Adobe Reader that just about everyone already has installed. Adjust the rotation, zoom, render mode, lighting, background color, and visibility of individual parts, using the standard Adobe Reader controls.

Save the PDF file to your computer, then open it using Adobe Reader and
click on the model activate it - this may take a few seconds.

Right-click on the link and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As". Then open it using Adobe Reader.



Architectural design

Vertex BD - Effective tool for architectural design

Vertex BD will revolutionise how your company uses your architectural drawings and models. Vertex BD adapts to your specific way of building. Vertex easily handles your particular building details, making your design process more efficient and flexible. The unique Vertex platform enables you to custom fit Vertex technology to different parts of your business, streamlining your operations.

Vertex BD tools are designed to fit the way you work, making your design process more flexible, efficient and productive.

Vertex BD Architectural Drawings




The benefits of parametrical design



Make changes more flexibly. By the help of parametrization the managing of changes is much easier. For example, the walls, openings and other components can be relocated, the floor height can be adjusted and the roof slope can be edited.

Save modeling time. Use the component library and same time take the advantage of parametrization. Using the same parametric model with different dimensions considerably saves the design time.

Reduce errors. With the help of parametrization the software takes care of the relations between objects. For example, the roof is set to follow the distance between roof and walls.

Parametrization is a standard function of Vertex BD Building Design Software.



Editing the layout

In exterior of a house as well as inside a house there are structures whose position depends on the position of some other component. A foundation, external walls of the decks, a ceiling and a roof edge are in a certain relation to each other.

With constraints and joints you can set the rules for how the structures follow each other. The relations and distances between objects remain user-defined when making changes.



The variation of the roof

The roof structures are easy to design parametrically. Changes in the structures, for example editing the position or height, also modify the height or location of the roof.

Other building components, such as snow barriers, can be tied to the roof. When making changes, these components related to the roof follow the changes.



Variable components

A significant part of the parametrical design are smart variable components. With these components you can easily customize the model to fulfil the demands.

For example, if you want you can set the slope of the top of the window according to the roof slope. You can also create structures with series, which for example speeds up the design of terraces.





Vertex BD  automates the process of generating wall and floor panel fabrication drawings, structural layouts, cut lists, and other material reports. By automating these processes, manufacturers are saving an enormous amount of time in drafting, material reporting, data entry, manufacturing, and correcting all the errors typically made along the way.

Framing rules, details, wall heights, material lengths, optimum panel lengths are defined by the user in the system's relational database. Based on these settings, the system calculates the studs, plates, sills and complete opening assemblies automatically panelizing the walls. Once panelized, the system generates detailed elevations and plate drawings which can be opened, modified and saved with the cutting list information automatically being updated. This guarantees framing components will be compatible with the rest of the plan and every component will fit in place at the construction site reducing delays and speeding up the entire construction process.

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Vertex BD Wood Framer



Manufacturing Interface / NC Link

Utilizing an NC Link add-on module, manufacturers can also export data directly to manufacturing equipment to save time and minimize errors in production. 


The following systems are available for wood and steel framed manufacturing:

Knudson | Jobsite | Howick | Pinnacle | Beck Automation Controller | AMS Eclipse Controller | Rosette Systems | Studmeister | Koskovich | Virtek | Weinmann | Optimaster | Hundegger | MangoTech




Manage your business more efficiently with accurate information generated from a single source: the Building Information Model. Vertex BD creates full scale documentation for you - using BIM as a source.







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