Leveraging automation: Vertex BD’s, Randek’s and Arcabo’s partnership offers unparalleled benefits

  • Case Study
  • Client: Arcabo & Randek
  • Country: the Netherlands
  • Date: June 2024
  • Type: Wood Framing

Arcabo has revolutionized home-building through strategic partnerships with Vertex Systems and Randek, leveraging automation to offer high-quality buildings at various price points. Together they are ensuring each project caters to individual client needs while adhering to budget constraints.

Cutting edge technology for enhanced design and production

Renowned for its ability to automate and streamline the design and manufacturing processes, Vertex BD is a game-changer.
It facilitates a seamless and flexible workflow among the build, design, and manufacturing teams, ensuring that every project moves from concept to completion with unmatched efficiency.

At the production stage, Arcabo’s use of Randek’s ZeroLabor Robotic line comes into play. Specializing in the construction of high-quality wall panels, the robotic line ensures that each component of an Arcabo building meets the highest standards of quality.

Cumulative benefits of automation: Quality, Efficiency and cost-effectiveness

The collaboration with Vertex Systems and Randek has set a new benchmark in the home-building sector, proving that efficiency and quality can coexist without compromising affordability.
In essence, Arcabo’s innovative approach showcases how strategic use of automation and technology can fulfill the promise of delivering high-quality homes accessible to a broader range of budgets.

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