The three questions that shaped Ecohuis success in modular

Ecohuis, the leader in the Belgian modular home market, has shaped their success by focusing on three critical questions.

  • Case Study
  • Client: Ecohuis
  • Country: Belgium
  • Date: June 2024
  • Type: Wood Framing, Modular

Watch video on how Vertex BD and Ecohuis Lead in Modular 1:28

1. How do you ensure an error-free design process?

Vertex BD streamlines Ecohuis design workflow, enabling the automatic generation of detailed framing models. Such automation not only minimizes errors but also enhances the productivity of designers. By integrating software automation into design, Ecohuis can scale projects while ensuring that pricing and project planning are executed with unparalleled accuracy.

2. How can you sell a home design in just one day?

The ability to quickly market and sell a home design is a game-changer in the housing industry. Ecohuis customers can trust that the process from design to a completed home is swift and error free. Ecohuis leverages the abundant availability of timber in Belgium and combines that with Vertex BD’s capabilities to automatically generate construction-ready documents and drawings. Ecohuis is known for maintaining quality and meeting client expectations swiftly.

3. How do you promise durable homes for a wide range of budgets?

Ecohuis achieves durability and quality across various budgets with their off-site construction techniques. The collaboration between Ecohuis designers and builders, enhanced by the automated capabilities of Vertex BD, guarantees that each home is built to last. 

Ecohuis’ success highlights the importance of integrating modern technology with traditional building techniques. By asking strategic questions, Ecohuis has found answers that enhanced its building processes, making them more efficient and customer-focused. The result is a sale, design and production process that not only meets the current demands of the housing market, but also sets trends for the future of modular home construction.

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