The Norwegian way

“It is very important for us to deliver a good product. Vertex BD is one of the best tools in the market for wooden housing at the moment. Our job is to make sure it stays that way,“ says Ole K. Øverland from Proby AS.

Proby AS has since 2009 been the reseller for Vertex BD products in Norway, with an annually increasing customer base. Øverland joined Proby in 2010 with a degree in structural engineering and a passion for computers and programming, and quickly took over the responsibility for all Vertex products and services.

“I’ve worked with different types of software and in my opinion, although a little biased, Vertex BD is one of the easiest design software to learn. Its adaptability is unique,” he continues enthusiastically.

Adapting to new regulations

With the new regulations demanding more documentation and clearly defined responsibilities of the different parties in a building project, the demand for flexible software is increasing.

“There is a shift towards more cooperation between different companies, and we see a need to be able to share a building model between different parties. The past year we have actively been pursuing this with several companies and have acquired a lot of good experiences. I think our present and future customers will like the introduction of IFC and 3D DWG imports as reference geometry,” says Reimund Espeland, owner of Proby AS.

Espeland continues: “Since our start in 2009, right after the credit crunch, our figures and customer base have been going up. I think this is a good legacy for the services and products we supply.”


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