Vertex speed and flexibility give Winchester the edge

Even the briefest look at the impressive Winchester Homes website will tell you this is an innovative, progressive new home developer where their customers – and their requirements — are at the heart of everything they do.

  • Case Study
  • Client: Winchester Homes
  • Date: 2010
  • Country: United States
  • Type: Residential Construction, Wood Framing

Winchester Homes

It also clearly demonstrates that, although the Vertex system is primarily a modelling and building tool, it can also be a very powerful marketing aid. Over the past 30 years Winchester Homes has delivered over 18,000 single family homes and town homes in its area of operations in Maryland and Northern Virginia, and the company is well known for its trademarked “Your Home, Your Way” design concept – which gives home buyers the ability to work one—on—one with Winchester’s designers to create a personalized home that exactly suits their lifestyle.

More Choice

Senior designer Jason Piebes says Vertex opens up more choice to the homebuyer than traditional methods allow: “Usual practice, even these days, is for a developer to offer maybe three or four standard house types on a site, with limited options for customisation. The developer might say O.K. we’ll make minor adjustments but generally that’s about it.”

“With Vertex we can say to our prospective buyers ‘if you can dream it we can do it’ and that’s a big plus!”

Jason qualifies the comment by pointing out that a Winchester home or a home from its luxury brand Camberley Homes are not typically for the first
time buyer: “Our purchasers would generally have owned one or two homes previously,” he says.

Ideas Come to Life

Winchester holds numerous awards for quality, design and build excellence and buyers attracted to the Your Home, Your Way philosophy find the process very user friendly. A design meeting is scheduled for the buyer/s and a designer to explore option possibilities and their feasibility; perhaps a wine cellar is requested, or a larger kitchen or whatever the buyer wants.

The Vertex BD implementation allows for the architectural design of various model homes together with the automated solving of options and design changes which are then reviewed by the buyer for final changes and sign—off. “Then,” says Jason, “watch your ideas come to life as we build the property!”

By utilising the options attributed the house models the Vertex option solving process automatically creates option—specific drawings which in turn are automatically linked to approval set drawing forms. During this process the plus/minus bill of materials differentials are also created and costed.

“The Vertex system saves us over 50% of design time and cost compared to previous methods,” Jason points out, “And the 3D modelling option and ‘walk-through’ ability is a huge bonus for quality control and design – giving us a major point of differential over many other developers.”

The proof of that particular point is the fact that Winchester Homes continues to market luxury homes to discerning homebuyers as the property market begins its climb out of recession.

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“Vertex BD cut our design time in half, and compatibility issues between files disappeared at once.”

Statistics from 35 Framing Projects

Statistics from 35 projects in Norway show that with Vertex BD it is possible to complete any framing design project in an average of 16 hours or about two working days.

ACE Arheget

“We have been able to shorten the structural design time significantly by adopting Vertex BD at our company. With BIM, we can check how all the different building plans work together in advance.”

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