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Steel Framing


“Vertex BD enables us to get a fully connected system without problems of compatibility between different interfaces or software, allowing for more productivity and faster project completion.”

Civic Steel Homes

“Vertex Viewer helps suppliers and builders to reduce design errors and get frames on site sooner.”

LSTK Stroycomplect

“I am very excited with the speed and accuracy of building design, as well as the ability to make various material reports, architectural sheets and panel drawings. Also, the technical support works very well. Vertex team responds quickly to any questions that arise.”

Jiu Tai Steel

“It is crucial for us to have a tool which can quickly create a draft 3D model with fairly good details to communicate with clients in the early phase of a potential project. With Vertex BD it can be done easily.”

Cascade Manufacturing

“We now have the capacity to take greater advantage of the industry’s growth and double the number of projects we take on. Vertex BD has been a major step in making that happen.”

Greater Metroplex Interiors

“Vertex BD had the features we were looking for, plus some additional ‘bells and whistles’ that would be useful to us. But its ability to speed up production was the main selling point.”

Excel Engineering

“With design automation in Vertex BD, engineers complete designs 2-3 times faster, with more accuracy and double the amount of information for clients.”

BW Industries

“Not only does Vertex make drawing approval a simple process, it also allows us to efficiently deliver the manufacturing package to our works thus reducing the time frame from drawings to materials on site.”


“The high-level and customizable integration of design software and manufacturing hardware allows us to accelerate our processes and minimize mistakes on all stages.”

ABT Construction

“This mix of innovative off-site and more traditional on-site methodology enables us to reduce costs through increased speed of construction.”

Stoddart Steel House Frames

“New detailers at SSHF learned to use Vertex and produce plans in half the time it took with the previous programs.”

Light Gauge Steel Framing

“With help of the Vertex development team, we can customize the software to incorporate our bespoke design elements, reducing repetitive and time-consuming design tasks into a single mouse click.”

Mekos Stroy

“Vertex software allows us to complete the design projects effectively and with maximum accuracy. It is also bringing us new opportunities in architecture and engineering design.”

Queensland Steel House Frames

“Vertex allows us to double-check every single wall or truss, as if you actually were on the site looking at the house. It stops us from making mistakes and having things sent to the site incorrectly.”


“Vertex has helped us to expand our portfolio and win more projects.”

Newcom Mining Services

“The design service that Vertex provided for us was professional, fast and sensitive to customer needs.”

Elements Europe

“Vertex play a big part in our process, and we are always looking to improve productivity. Working very closely with Vertex, we are achieving this.”

Panel Systems

“The information we get from Vertex BD is clear, concise and understandable. 99.9% of what we put out fits without any site modification.”

American Panel Tec

“For our normal project, instead of 4-5 weeks with AutoCad and traditional panel designing, the panel design is finished in 1-2 weeks with Vertex BD Framer.”

Wood Framing


“Vertex BD cut our design time in half, and compatibility issues between files disappeared at once.”

Statistics from 35 Framing Projects

Statistics from 35 projects in Norway show that with Vertex BD it is possible to complete any framing design project in an average of 16 hours or about two working days.

ACE Arheget

“We have been able to shorten the structural design time significantly by adopting Vertex BD at our company. With BIM, we can check how all the different building plans work together in advance.”

DEN Finland

“Using effective design software and a product data management system we can avoid problems and maintain good quality throughout the entire production and construction process of the house.”

The Timber Frame Company

“Vertex BD software enables us to deliver a project from design to build in a simple, time efficient and most cost effective way.”


“The general development of IFC in the Netherlands showed encouraging opportunities when exchanging geometry and data linked to that geometry. As a result, the Dutch construction decided to use IFC more and more.”

Machiels Building Solutions

“Vertex BD is an excellent program to make very accurate prefabricated wooden elements: you know that everything will fit on the building site even before you start producing.”

Q-Haus Baltic

“Previously we used to do the designs with other CAD software. After designing you had to measure and write things down, which was time-consuming. When we started using Vertex, we could see improvement in that.”


“After the pilot period, all designers shared the opinion that Vertex was the most suitable solution. We appreciate the development resources, wide knowledge of the industrialized house building branch, and a comprehensive solution from the first drafts to the data sent to our production and ERP system.”


“Details of complex projects can be mastered better, which reduces failures and unnecessary expenses to the minimum. Designing with 3D software enables us to work more efficiently and respond to our clients’ needs.”


“Potential problems were identified early and quickly. These problems were reported and project modifications were made early in the design process, saving costs at the construction site.”

Houthandel Reynders

“Material calculations have been refined and the percentage of timber loss is clearly reducing. Customers are happy.”


“Vertex BD is one of the easiest design software to learn. Its adaptability is unique.”

Logan Homes

“Vertex BD allows Logan Homes to isolate options for pricing, initiate and manage 165 different options, and maintain hundreds of plans. This has drastically reduced the time needed to produce quality sets of plans.”

Jonckheere Wood

“Vertex BD is a highly flexible CAD software platform for home builders. It can easily adapt to your specific way of building making the design process more efficient and flexible.”

Hermans Hout & Habitat

“The investment paid for itself immediately in efficiency and profitability on the shop floor and in a lower error rate in performance.”

Berks Homes

“The company is also saving hours of drafting time while producing high quality field sets.”

Woodtec Australia

“Automated connection details, which generate the floor system according to the construction method the builder prefers, are brilliant.”


“Thanks to Vertex, we save money in the production and time in transferring machining files directly to the saw.”

Winchester Homes

“The Vertex system saves us over 50% of design time and cost compared to previous methods.”

Manufacturing Equipment


Arkitech is the largest Turkish manufacturer of a full line of machines for all types of CFS construction. Vertex software is now fully ready and configured to control the design and production process with Arkitech machines.

Xiamen Xinhonghua Machinery

“New entrants now find it more convenient to learn about the whole procedure of light steel frame construction —­ from how to design a building using light steel frame structure design software, how to produce the light steel frames with our machine, and how to assemble them together according to drawings.”


“By connecting the most versatile manufacturing equipment with a BIM software, builders will boost production capacity and improve speed and accuracy. Building projects will be completed faster and without mistakes.”


“Working with Vertex has enabled us to achieve a satisfactory share of the Chinese market. We have quickly gained market visibility and laid a good foundation for the future.”


“Knowing various framing software in North America and Australia, we found Vertex the most suitable option for our requirements in the offering of efficient and productive design tools to our worldwide clients.”


“We have found a partner who promptly responds with understanding to all our wishes.”

Macring Group

“Since paper design drawings are no longer necessary when working with profiles, human errors are decreased when manufacturing details are produced automatically onto the line.”

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